Stand Type:

Mira 350

You need a wall construction that you can design individually and also use for fixing products. You would like to have the possibility to adapt your stand to your needs down to the smallest detail and you need an optimal base for large-format graphics. The Mira basic package offers you this maximum flexibility in the design and placement of your products.

The stand package Mira offers you the perfect base for an individual wall design without visible construction. It is possible to use the wall as a presentation area and thus integrate it into your trade fair appearance and your presentation. The package is particularly suitable as a base for large-area graphics, but can also be wallpapered and painted for a homely look. It can be screwed or nailed into the wall.
It is possible to combine individually made elements on this basis or additional components, such as a cabin or shelves, but also free forms.

We offer the stand package Mira in three different heights (Mira 260, Mira 300 and Mira 350).

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